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Ceiling Fixtures

Getting the right kind of lighting in a room often requires a combination of light fixtures that give off different types of lighting. One type of lighting every room needs is overall lighting which can be provided by several different types of   ceiling fixtures. As well as providing overall lighting in a room ceiling fixtures create a focal point and tie the décor in the  rest of the room together.  There are multiple types of ceiling fixtures to choose from so you can be sure that you will find  the perfect light for your home.  

At lunawarehouse.com we carry a wide variety of ceiling fixtures including directional monopoints, fluorescent wraps, flush mounts and semi-flush mounts from trusted lighting manufacturers such as Maxim, Murray Feiss and Hinkley. All of these different fixtures are available in various styles ranging from traditional to highly contemporary. No matter what kind of ceiling fixture you are looking for we have the perfect product for you! 

Directional monopoints are one of the most versatile types of ceiling lighting because they have moveable heads that can be pointed in whatever direction you please. This kind of mobility allows you to have  overhead lighting that illuminates the whole room but can also be directed to a certain area. Directional monopoints come in  a wide range of styles and can have anywhere from one adaptable head to six! If you are looking for a way to get both overall lighting and accent lighting in one fixture you can’t go wrong with a directional monopoint.  

Fluorescent wraps provide the perfect overall lighting for rooms that are used for tasks that require a little bit brighter light. Rooms like the garage, laundry room or workshop would all benefit from this type of lighting. Fluorescent wraps are often used more for utility than style but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good! We have a large selection of fluorescent wraps  that get the job done and look great doing it.  

Flush mounts and semi-flush mounts are also very useful for providing overall lighting in a room. These lights are close to the ceiling and therefore provide style and overall lighting without overwhelming or distracting from the existing décor. If  you want a fixture that will brighten your room and accent the design scheme of the room without becoming the center of  attention you should consider a flush or semi-flush mount.  

Ceiling lighting is a great way to ensure that every room in your house is bright and welcoming. We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive collection of ceiling fixtures  and that you find the perfect  light for your needs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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