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Crystorama Lighting products are displayed in some of the finest in hotels, clubs, restaurants and residents throughout the United States and abroad. Crystorama Lighting takes great pride in their innovative and fresh creative vision. The company has great enthusiasm and passion for design and superior quality which is what has made them a leader in lighting manufacturing. Crystalrama Lighting specializes in producing beautiful crystal chandeliers, elegant wall sconces, and many other lighting products. Crystorama Lighting has been a unique lighting source for almost fifty five years, creating decorative lighting since 1958. As a family owned company, Crystorama Lighting’s concern for excellence is expressed in the styling and detailing of their lighting products as well as their superior customer service.

The History of Crystorama Lighting

Abraham Kleinberg founded Crystorama Lighting Group in Brooklyn, New York back in 1958.Since their beginning  Crystorama lighting has held great pride in their high quality materials, unique detailing and sincere care for their valued customers. The company was initially founded as an importer of crystal chandeliers from the Kingdom of Bohemia in  Northern Czechoslovakia and offered the finest selection of classical crystal lighting fixtures. Crystorama’s rich heritage and dedication to quality continues into the present and the company continues to provide their customers with light fixtures that are made with the best crystal available. Crystorama Lighting Group’s unique resources have allowed them to remain a dominant producer of Crystal, Brass and Wrought Iron chandeliers in North America. Crystorama chandeliers have a traditional look and style to them because they use authentic molds and patterns to maintain the traditions of our forefathers. In a world of mass production, Crystorama Lighting Group continues to offer traditional yet unique chandeliers whose manufacturing require years of experience, specialized skill,  training and craftsmanship. Crystorama’s history is one of great pride, heritage and dedication to crafting superior lighting. 

Crystorama Lighting is unique not only because of their long and interesting history but also because of their specialization in mainly crystal, brass and wrought iron fixtures. Many Lighting and home goods companies have a wide range of styles but don’t really have a large selection of any one style product. At Crystorama Lighting their specialty and focus is more traditional style lighting fixtures that have a warm, charming feel to them or make a bold statement with their classic feel. There is no doubt that crystal chandeliers make a statement in any home whether they are put above a table in a formal dining room or in the foyer. If you are looking to make your home sparkle with a unique and stunning light then Crystorama Lighting has the right fixture for you. 

We hope you enjoy browsing through our wide array of Crystorama lighting fixtures and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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