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Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great addition to any room not only because they add to the décor of the room but also because they    provide directed task lighting in the space. Many rooms in a house are used for multiple diverse purposes which can make it difficult to get the proper lighting with just one fixture. Incorporating several different light fixtures, that all give off different types of light, is one way to get the right balance of overall, task and accent lighting in a room. Floor lamps are perfect for providing portable and directed task lighting in a room. There are just some tasks that require more light than others such as reading a book or working on a project. Sometimes the overhead lighting in a room isn’t enough for tasks that require concentration; floor lamps give off the extra lighting that is needed for such tasks.   

At lunawarehouse.com we offer a diverse selection of floor lamps with styles that range from traditional to contemporary and are manufactured by trusted brands such as Kichler Lighting, Feiss Lighting and  Quoizel Lighting. Floor lamps provide the versatility that ceiling or wall mounted fixtures lack because they can be moved easily. Along with a wide range of styles we carry multiple different types of floor lamps so you are sure to find the perfect lamp for your needs.

One of the most adaptable floor lamps is the swing arm because you can swivel the head and easily move the light to exactly where you need it. This type of floor lamp is perfect for tasks like reading because the light can be adjusted to provide the optimal amount of light. When it comes to task lighting you want a fixture that is versatile but still provides ample and direct lighting. A floor lamp satisfies all of these requirements which make it ideal for adding task lighting to any room in your home.  

Although floor lamps make excellent task lights their functionality is only one of their positive features. Floor lamps not only provide adaptable direct lighting they can also add something to the design of your home. Floor lamps come in many different designs and styles so it is easy to find one that will accent the décor in your home!

We hope you enjoy browsing through our collection of versatile and stylish floor lamps. If you have any questions about floor lamps or just lighting in general please feel free to contact us! 

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