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Other Options Available
12% Off with Code: LNDR10
12% Off with Code: LNDR10
Other Options Available
12% Off with Code: LNDR10
Other Options Available
12% Off with Code: LNDR10
12% Off with Code: LNDR10
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LED vs. The Rest of the Lighting World

So what is the big deal about LED technology? You know it’s all the rage, but do you really know why? When it comes to LED lighting, odds are you probably have one major question and here at LunaWarehouse we are happy to answer it. We are confident that after you get the answer, you’ll feel better about LED lighting as an option for your lighting needs.

The Major Question:

Is LED lighting better than the rest of the bulbs out there?

Yes. If you like to save on cash while not having to skimp on quality. Below is a list of the features that support this claim.

  • It is a Nontoxic and Green alternative:

    LED lighting does not carry mercury or some of the other toxins prevalent in older technology and LED bulbs last at least twice as long as fluorescent bulbs. They also last nearly fifty times longer than your great-grandfathers light bulbs of yore. This will save you on cash and help to limit maintenance costs.

  • Efficient and Effective:

    LED bulbs are extremely efficient and better utilize your electricity than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs which use about 75% more energy than LED lighting. LED bulbs can save you a ton of money over the years compared to your standard or fluorescent bulbs.

  • Flexible:

    Due to all of the features listed above, LED technology is one of the most flexible fixtures in the lighting world. It is adaptable to nearly any application whether you want a bright and efficient chandelier, or a way to light up the underside of your cabinets. What about your pond or planter box for your backyard? LED Tape lighting is just now becoming recognized as one of the best ways to illuminate those places that can prove to be difficult.

Checkout ALL of our amazing LED Products!

Here at LunaWarehouse, we have a huge selection of LED Pendants, LED Outdoor Lights, LED Table Lamps, LED Chandeliers, and LED Landscape lights. Please call one of our lighting agents if you want more information or help with finding the right LED lighting option for you. We have a combined 30 years of experience and a great relationship with our vendors. There isn’t any information we don’t have or question that we can’t answer when it comes to our LED line. Take on your neighbors in the battle of home lighting and win with LED lighting.

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