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Pendant Lighting

Ever wonder what those slick restaurant lights are called? You know, the ones that look like upside down flowers or cups? Well now that you know those are called “Pendant” lights, you can stop worrying about what they are called, and instead wonder about how you can have that same look in your own home. Pendant lighting fixtures are one of the best ways to express yourself in lighting design. They come in a variety of shade designs, sizes and colors. A pendant lighting fixture can be cleanly installed from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or metal stand-off. These lights bring a well-adjusted look to any space. We at 1STOPlighting are ecstatic to share our menu of hand blown glass models from Besa Lighting and Tech Lighting, as well as the unique ceramic look of Justice Design pendants.

Their smooth and up to date look adds a one of a kind style to any current space. Each pendant has the flexibility to fit differentheights. This way it can light an array of tasks- from over an island, to above pool table, as well as almost any other area of the house. We carry a large assortment of pendant lighting options, including crystal pendants, leaf pendants, LED pendants, and everything in between. We are confident we’ll have the perfect pendant lighting fixture for your home. And try not to let the installation process detour you—pendant lighting is actually pretty simple to install.

Need something bigger that can light up a space with drama and excitement? Well if you want something different than a classic chandelier, look at our large pendant options. Larger pendant lighting fixtures come in a variety of looks and sizes and can often provide enough ambient light to cover an entire room.

Need something smaller for your kitchen island or wet-bar? Mini pendants are the perfect option. Their small stature gives them amazing flexibility. They can be altered to fit any applicable height, making mini pendants a jack of all trades type of light source. Mini pendants can hang alone, but also look spectacular when suspended as a bouquet.

Less heralded, but unique options in the pendant world are bowl pendants. With the ability to be used as an entry or hall light, these pendants can create a one of a kind look to your home’s VIPs. Bowl pendants consist of bowl shaped glass. Having bowl pendant lighting hanging over a kitchen table instead of your standard chandelier can make your eating environment a bit more relaxed.

We hope you find the perfect pendant fixture for your space as you browse through our elaborate collection of pendant lighting options. Our caring staff of lighting professionals would love to help you find what you’re looking for.

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