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10% Off! Code: NATURE10
10% Off! Code: NATURE10
10% Off! Code: NATURE10
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Quoizel Lighting is a leader in the lighting industry with an extensive collection of products including a wide selection of refined yet versatile lighting fixtures and mirrors.

Quoizel Lighting was founded and established in 1930. The company continues to grow larger and larger since its birth and they’ve recently relocated to a new state-of-the-art 500,000 square-foot facility in Charleston, South Carolina. Their growth is the direct result of unique designs, product integrity, uncompromising quality control and most importantly, dedication to service and reliability. Despite their success and growth Quoizel Lighting still remains dedicated to their customers and to providing them with high quality fixtures that will bring new life to any space. Quoizel Lighting has maintained a leadership position in styling through innovation and attention to detail.

Quoizel Lighting is known for the unique detailing that can be found on many of their fixtures. Quoizel fixtures have very modern forms and yet this contemporary feel is offset by intricate and graceful elements that give the lights a more timeless look. Design is all about finding the right balance between unique and sophisticated. Quoizel Lighting utilizes this idea of balance in their designs to create fixtures that are truly works of art. One of the styles that incorporate this balance of styles and intricate detailing is tiffany style lighting. Quoizel Lighting is known for their large selection of beautiful and colorful tiffany lights. Tiffany style lights have amazing glass detail that give each fixture a stained glass look that is just plain classy. Tiffany style lights usually not only include many different colors but also intricate patterns and  designs which make them even more unique. Styles like this are so timeless and classic that  they are sure to be considered stylish and beautiful forever. Quoizel Lighting creates fixtures that have a timeless look and  are made of high quality materials so that the fixture will not only last a long time it won’t become outdated when the style  trend changes. Since style and design are so dynamic and are always changing it is nice to find a look that is so classic that it will  always look fresh and classy.

Quoizel Lighting has a wide variety of light fixtures and home furnishings that are high quality and classically beautiful. Quoizel lights bring warmth, light and life to any room and with such reasonable prices you can get exactly the look you have been looking for without going over your budget! 

We hope you enjoy browsing through our wide selection of beautiful Quoizel products. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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