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Savoy House Lighting was first established in East Point Georgia in 1965 under the name progressive lighting. Savoy House  Lighting’s founder Robert E. Lee took a big risk during the 1930’s when he quit his job plowing fields, moved from rural Georgia into a large city and many years later in 1965 started Progressive Lighting with the help of his son Fred J. Lee. The two men worked as home builders at the time and they noticed that there was little to no lighting selection in the local lighting showrooms. The Lees decided to seize this opportunity and start a lighting company called Progressive Lighting,  promising a large selection of adequately stocked and high quality products the company continued to grow over the years. As the company got bigger and more successful Robert E. Lee saw another opportunity  and took a bold leap into the importation of lighting fixtures. They expanded the small shop to include a small warehouse  where the fixtures could be assembled to be sold. Eventually the fixtures they sold were put into a catalog and their network of employees and sales representative grew immensely. Progressive Lighting officially became Savoy House Lighting and their line of lighting fixtures started being sold not only throughout the southeast but also nationwide. The company’s growth and success is in direct relation to their dedication to providing their customers with the best products and customer service. You can’t build such a prosperous company without the support of many loyal customers.

  Today Savoy House Lighting still upholds their promise of a large selection of high quality and stylish merchandise. Savoy House lighting keeps a close eye on the popular style trends in home and interior design so that their products are always up to date and fresh. The fast paced world of fashion and design is always changing which is why it is so important that Savoy House Lighting stays up to date. Savoy House Lighting has been a leader in lighting manufacturing for so long that there is no question about whether or not they can keep up in the world of  home design. 

Savoy House Lighting has a large selection of fixtures including ceiling fans, chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces. They also carry lighting fixtures designed to fit specifically in a certain space or room. Savoy House Lighting offers lighting solutions for the bathroom, kitchen and even outdoor areas like the backyard or garden. With such a wide variety of fixtures and styles you can’t go wrong with Savoy House Lighting for all your interior lighting needs!

We hope you enjoy browsing through our large selection of Savoy House lights. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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