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With over 3,100 product designs spanning 15 product categories, Sea Gull Lighting is a single source supplier for architectural, commercial and residential lighting products. For almost eighty-five years Sea Gull lighting has been providing high quality, contemporary light fixtures to satisfied customers all over.  The simple and clean lines used in Sea Gull Lighting fixtures make them not only highly modern but also practical and versatile. Sea Gull Lighting fixtures are simple and elegant enough that they will be at home in any modern home. Sometimes sheer sleek simplicity is the best want to make a bold statement and give your home an up to date feel.

Not only are Sea Gull Lighting products stylish they are also high quality and budget friendly.  With such reasonable prices you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get exactly the look you want. Sea Gull Lighting offers lighting solutions for every room in your home as well as all your outdoor spaces like the backyard, front yard or garden. From kitchen and bathroom lighting to outdoor and landscaping lighting Sea Gull Lighting has got you covered. 

Although lighting fixtures are meant to provide light and serve a function that doesn’t mean they can’t also add to the design scheme of a room. Sea Gull Lighting specializes in creating lighting fixtures that not only serve a purpose but also look great doing it.  Just because something has a specific function doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish as well. Sea Gull Lighting offers an extensive line of both  kitchen and bathroom lighting fixtures that are designed to provide ample lighting as well as exquisite beauty. In both of these areas of your home you need enough light to accomplish tasks like cooking and applying makeup. Sea Gull Lighting fixtures allow you to accomplish these tasks and update your home at the same time.  

Today, every Sea Gull Lighting fixture is conceived and built to match or exceed the latest tastes in lighting design as well as the newest building codes and construction techniques. Their lighting designers and trend watchers stay in step with current tastes and search for new and unique design elements. Never satisfied with a new milestone or industry achievement, they’re constantly working on new components, new finishes and new ways to make lighting increase the design scheme and style of any home. Whether you are putting new lights in a new home, redoing an older home or putting in new fixtures to increase the value of your home Sea Gull Lighting has a light that will put a fresh spin on any space.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our collection of Sea Gull lights. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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