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Wall Lighting

Wall lighting is a tremendously flexible source of lighting that can be used for several purposes. The character of your standard wall lights is currently changing. The design appeal is always improving and has now become a must have if want to dress up the interior of your home. Wall lighting is essential for the inside and outside of your personal palace. From wall sconces, to outdoor wall washers and spot lights. Here at LunaWarehouse, our selection even includes picture lighting!

If you are looking for something even more specific- don’t worry. You can take a stroll through our digit “wall-mall” of categories and discover the depth of our wall sconce collection:

LunaWarehouse wants to ensure you, as our respected customers, that you will find that perfect wall lighting fixture to accent your personal home decor. If you look wisely, you can select a fixture that creates the environment you want, without having to take out a second mortgage. We are confident you will find one that fits within your plans.

And speaking of “fit," please reference our helpful guide below to determine how best to utilize wall lighting in your home.

Wall Lighting Tips

Correct Height for Wall Sconce Installation

Wall Sconces can be installed 60 inches (5ft) from the finish floor.

Choosing the right size-

Wall Sconces for you Indoor Space

Sconces come in all sizes and there really isn’t a home standard. That being said, a good rule is to keep your sconce proportional to the size of the room. An example would be a hotel lobby. Since it’s a big open space, the design would need to utilize much larger sconces to produce the ambient light that is required for the mood of the hotel. The light source is aimed to keep the customers at ease and their employees productive. In a residential space like a hallway, wall sconces should and will be smaller. It is important to keep it relative since wall lighting is inherently a source of both ambient and functional.

Make sure your Entryway, is done the Right Way

The mounting height of an outdoor wall fixture is dependent on the height of the closest door. There is a couple scenarios that come into play with entryway wall lighting including 1-sided or 2-sided set ups (as seen above). In a 1-sided set up, the lantern should be about 1/3 the height of the door. In a 2-sided set up, the lantern should be about 1/4 the height of the door. Be careful when you have chosen a fixture that has a long ornamental top or bottom, because the overall bulk of the fixture should approximate 1/2 the visual height of the door. The lanterns should be mounted so the base of the light bulb is close to 66” above the threshold of the door. Make sure not to select a lantern that’s too small. If done right, your lanterns will seem about half the size from 50 feet out.

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