Purchasing From an Authorized Dealer

Lunawarehouse.com is an authorized retailer of every product we carry. While it is important to secure the best price always make sure that you purchase from an authorized retailer of the brand you wish to purchase. An unauthorized retailer can result in issues with future warranty claims and misinformation and advice on your product. Even worse, you could be giving your credit card information to an unknown entity by completing a transaction over an unsecure connection!

All our products are purchased directly from the manufacturer and can be serviced under the manufacturers warranty. As an authorized retailer, our lighting specialists receive the proper training/information on all current products to help you, the customer make an educated decision on the lighting being purchased.

Q. How do I spot an unauthorized retailer?
A. There is no easy way to identify an unauthorized retailer on the internet but elements such as unpublished pricing, an unprofessional or low quality website and unsecure shopping cart can be a few of the indicators. Trustworthy and authorized retailers will show clear product information and pricing in a professional format and be able to answer your product questions.

Shop wise, shop safe.

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