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Track Lighting

Track, monorail and cable lighting systems are becoming increasing popular because of their  extreme versatility as well as their ability to provide direct yet moveable lighting. This type of lighting is especially useful for adding accent lighting to a specific area in a room or even a piece of artwork. These fixtures are exceedingly adaptable which means the design and  utility options are virtually endless! There are many accessories available that can not only change the look of the track light  but also the kind and color of light the fixture emit. There are also multiple lamping options available for this type of fixture  including LED and halogen bulbs. If you are looking for extreme versatility and adaptability you can’t go wrong with track,  monorail or cable lighting offers multiple different of track lighting including fixtures from brands like Tech Lighting, Sea Gull  Lighting and WAC Lighting. Please find a brief description of the different types of track lighting we offer below.  

Cable Systems- Cable Lights are unique because of their ability to create the illusion that they are simply floating in the air.  This type of track lighting can be mounted from the ceiling, wall to wall or even vertically. These lights have a very  contemporary and artistic look to them and are perfect for highlighting certain areas and objects. The cable these lights are strung on virtually disappears after installation and the lights look weightless! 

Monorail Systems-These systems are one of the most versatile lighting systems available. Monorail systems are characterized by their simple and sleek metallic rails which can be bended to perfectly suit any taste or room shape. The  adaptable metal rails both power and suspend the monorail heads or pendants. Monorail heads come in a ll different sizes, shapes and designs so it is easy to custom order the perfect monorail system for your home! 

2-Circuit Monorail Systems-This system gives you even more flexibility because it has two independently controllable circuits. This means that you can have both pendants and monorail heads on the rail. This also means that you can turn the pendant lights or the monorail heads on and off independently from each other. This feature just increases the versatility of a normal monorail system.

Standard Track Lighting- With so many different track styles and fixtures available track lighting is truly customizable. These systems mount to the ceiling and provide the perfect contemporary accent lighting for any space.

Wall Monorail-These systems defy expectations by being mounted to the wall. Not only do these lights make a statement they are perfect for illuminating an important object or piece of artwork. 

We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive collection of track, monorail and cable lighting systems and if you have any further question please feel free to contact us.

We also offer a Track Lighting Guide that will help you with step by step installation instructions.

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