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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are no longer just a household appliance with the sole purpose of cooling down your home. Nowadays ceiling fans are as stylish as they are functional which makes them a great choice for any space. Ceiling fans save money, keep you comfortable and look great doing it!

At lunawarehouse.com we have a large selection of ceiling fans that come in all different shapes, styles and finishes. Our  wide variety of ceiling fans ranges in style from contemporary and modern to classic and traditional as well as every style in between. We also carry an array of tropical and mini ceiling fans if you are looking to add some whimsical flare to your home or add a fan to a small space like a bathroom. A ceiling fan is a great addition to any room in your home and with such high quality ceiling fans from brands like Monte Carlo, Casablanca and Craftmade you are sure to find the perfect fan for your home. 

Picking the right fan for you:

It is important to keep these guidelines in mind when you are choosing a ceiling fan so that you get exactly the fan you are looking for.

-Finding the right size fan for the space is especially important. Here are some sizing guidelines:

Less than 50 square feet - 29" fan
75 square feet - 36" fan
100 square feet - 42" fan
225 square feet - 52" fan
400 square feet - 56" fan
Larger than 400 square feet - 60" fan or consider using two 56" fans or two 52" fans

-It is recommended that you install you fan around 7-9 feet from the floor for the best air movement.

-If you have low ceilings think about getting a hugger fan.

-Consider getting a remote or wall switch to conveniently control your fan.

-If your fan is going to be exposed to water or high moisture content you should look into a fan that has a damp or wet UL rating.

When it comes to picking the right fan for your needs there are many things to consider but with so many options you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for! Ceiling fans are no longer just for utility and they can really add something to the décor of a room. A sleek, contemporary ceiling fan can really give your home an updated look as well as save energy and money! It’s a win win!  

We hope you enjoy browsing through our wide array of ceiling fans. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Featured Brands:

Monte Carlo


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