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Currey & Company's Vision is to create distinctive home furnishings that will bring a unique style to your home. Currey & Company creates chandeliers, lamps, wall sconces, accent furniture and garden accessories that are all on the cutting edge of design innovation. Currey & Company understands and appreciates modern style but they also know how important the past design trends are in creating beautiful products. The company’s original and imaginative designs incorporate classic, timeless design elements combined with more modern stylistic details. The skills and craftsmanship that goes into a Currey & Company product can be seen not only in its innovative and elegant design bit also in its superior quality. Currey & Company home furnishings are the perfect combination of timeless design, modern style and high quality materials.

Currey & Company’s distinctive style and design can clearly be seen in their collection of chandeliers. Currey & Company uses unique form and color choices that make them stand out from many other home furnishing companies out there today. Many contemporary home furnishings and lighting fixtures have very similar forms and color schemes but at Currey & Company they understand the importance of having pieces that utilize shape, form, color and detail correctly. No one wants  the home furnishings in their house to look plain and boring. Style is how you express your personality and you want to make sure that the design scheme in your home fits your personal tastes and makes you feel at home. Currey & Company has so many unique yet sophisticated home furnishings, including a huge collection of chandeliers, that you are sure to find something that will fit your taste and make your house feel like more of a home.

Currey & Company not only carries a large collection of distinctive lighting fixtures they also have a wide selection of furniture. It is rare for one company to have not only a wide variety of styles but also a wide variety of products. In this  sense Currey & Company is special because they offer charming and detailed furnishings for your whole house. Whether  you are looking for the perfect lighting fixture to bring new energy to your bathroom or you are looking for a decorative  chest that will add character to your entryway you can’t go wrong with Currey& Company. When innovative yet classic designs and high quality materials are combined you get a line of home goods that are sure to please even the perfectionists out there!

We hope you enjoy browsing through out extensive selection of Currey & Company products and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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