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Recessed Lighting

Here at LunaWarehouse we only offer the best recessed lighting merchandise available. American manufacturers such as Thomas Lighting, Progress Lighting, WAC and Sea Gull Lighting lead the way in the recessed lighting field and we are proud to offer you their products.

Why Recessed?

When looking to update a space, lighting should be at the top of your list. Recessed lighting is an option that simply stays out of the way. The fixture’s clean style gives fresh taste to a bland home. Don’t be alarmed at their small size either—recessed lights produce more than enough light in their own unique way.

Well lit rooms appear larger. It’s a simple fact, but it’s something you should always remember. Recessed lighting effortlessly opens up a space, making it appear bigger. These fixtures eliminate dark corners that can shrink a room. A bigger and brighter room makes for a more inviting environment unlike a dim room.

Where is Recessed Appropriate?

Just about anywhere! Recessed lighting can be used in virtually any area of a home. Typical places include the kitchen, great rooms, hallways, and offices. These inconspicuous lights can be used to highlight the artwork on your walls that won’t get the attention they deserve if not well lit. They can also reveal areas that are of unique architectural structure. Show off the character of your home with recessed lighting.

Make the Most of Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights install a few short inches from the wall so that there is space to accurately absorb the light. While recessed lights are bright, they are not designed to cover an entire room on their own. Recessed lighting is best when used in a layered lighting environment. These lights should not stand alone. Install these lights in addition to other fixtures such as floor lamps, chandeliers, or ceiling fans with light fixtures. Keep in mind that shadows can occur when installing a recessed fixture directly above your task. Eliminate this by installing these lights fixture in front of your targeted area.

Sizing and Final Tips

“What size should I get?” The size of your rooms will decide how big or small the recessed lighting fixtures should be. Six inch lights are great for two story rooms or rooms with high ceilings. Four inch recessed lights are designed for smaller spaces, like a closet or hallway. Remember, in all cases, a general spacing rule is to space four inch lights four feet apart, and six inch lights six feet apart.

Our large selection is unmatched and we have fantastic customer service that includes real-time customer assistance through our toll free number and the lowest prices on the web GUARANTEED through our Preferred Customer program. We can’t wait to help you meet all your recessed lighting needs.

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