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  Varaluz Lighting is a one of a kind company that takes “eco-friendly” to all new heights. In life there are people who have a “glass half full” kind of life view and there are others who have a “glass half empty” outlook on life. At Varaluz Lighting they don’t care how full the glass is as long as it is recycled. At Varaluz lighting everyone else’s trash is definitely their treasure. By using materials others would normally throw out like reclaimed glass, steel and  wood Varaluz Lighting creates one of kind lights that bring light and beauty to your home and  help save the planet in the process. Varaluz Ligh ting  also uses sustainable materials such as shells and different types of fibers to create their one  of a kind lighting fixtures.  Using these materials ensures that as well as creating stunning works of functional art Varaluz Lighting is making the world a better place to live by shrinking their eco footprint! Since  2006 has been crafting these masterpieces of design and innovation with over seventy percent recyclable materials. The result of this brilliant and imaginative system is a line of lighting options that are not only great for the design of your home but also for the environment! Varaluz Lighting’s combination of earth friendly ideals and popular design trends is truly revolutionary. Varaluz is a one of a kind lighting company that definitely stands out in a crowd. Varaluz Lighting has forged ahead into  what will be the future of lighting and created a recycling revolution!  

Varaluz Lighting was founded by a former aerospace engineer named Ron Henderson whose extensive travels and life experiences are the inspiration for Varaluz Lighting fixtures. At Varaluz Lighting they are all about looking at common things we see in everyday life in a new and exciting way. Ron Henderson’s devotion to creating eco-friendly lighting and his  unique view on life are the driving forces behind Varaluz Lighting and their distinctive retro, eclectic look. Varaluz creates and produces their eco lights in the Philippines where metal working has been a very popular art form for hundreds of years. Ever since the Spanish settled in the Philippines there has been a large population of highly skilled metal workers there. This culture based on innovative and  hand crafted art was the perfect place for a company as unique and dedicated to innovation as Varaluz to find its home. If you want a light that is not only  nice to the planet but also highly distinctive look no further than Varaluz Lighting!

We hope you enjoy browsing through our collection of Varaluz fixtures. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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