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Since its inception in Southern California in the early 1970's Forecast Lighting has been a leader in the Decorative  Residential Lighting industry with a depth and breadth of design that is unparalleled. Today, situated in a suburb of Chicago, Forecast continues to focus on the creation of high style decorative lighting for residential interiors. At the same time delivering high value products with intrinsic quality, crafted with skill and care. Forecast Lighting is focused on crafting the most contemporary lighting designs for modern homes. Forecast is a branch of Philips lighting, and employs some of the most imaginative and skilled lighting industry experts out there. In 1992, Lightolier acquired Philips and relocated the company to the headquarters in Elgin, Illinois. In 2010, Forecast Lighting became a part of the Philips Consumer Luminaires, a branch of Philips North America. 

At Forecast Lighting the customer’s opinion truly matters. Customer feedback plays a crucial role at Forecast Lighting. The helpful suggestions and other comments Forecast Lighting receives from their customers are used to help the designers improve their designs and make adjustments to provide the customer with the best quality product possible. At Forecast lighting they work hard to create light fixtures that are in line with modern design trends and popular stylistic elements. Although Forecast Lighting fixtures are always on the cutting edge of contemporary innovation they don’t just follow design trends, they set them. Forecast Lighting fixtures definitely have a modern look and feel to them with their simple use of line and form. Many modern styles incorporate sleek, clean lines and simple geometric patterns. This simplicity makes contemporary lighting extremely versatile Versatility is a key aspect in home décor because you want the design scheme in the room to mesh together well and create a cohesive and unified look in the space. 

Forecast Lighting offers a wide variety of versatile and up to date lighting options including chandeliers, kitchen lighting outdoor lighting, bathroom lighting, pendant lights and wall sconces. With such a large selection it is hard to imagine not finding the perfect lighting solution for your home. Versatility is just one important aspect to look for in a lighting fixture. You also want to make sure you are buying a product that is high quality and beautiful of course!  Luckily Forecast Lighting has fixtures that are not only stunning to look at and extremely versatile but also long lasting. Forecast Lighting has everything you are looking for in a light fixture! 

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