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Founded 36 years ago by Bob and Belle Cooper,Uttermost has had the same company mission since its inception.  Today  Uttermost remains a family owned company and despite their great success and growth their main goal is still to provide their customers with great home accessories at a reasonable price. Uttermost now has showrooms and employees all over the United States as well as in China. Uttermost could not have achieved the enormous success they have if it had not been for  their dedication to quality and customer service. For 36 years Uttermost has crafted home goods that have brought beauty and elegance to the homes of many satisfied customers. Uttermost continues to strive for excellence by creating one of a kind home goods and serving their customers to the very best of their abilities.

Uttermost sells everything from lighting fixtures to artwork and from furniture to mirrors. The large variety of items that Uttermost Lighting sells sets it apart from many other home goods companies who specialize in only one specific home good. Some companies sell mainly furniture and other home décor items while others sell mostly lighting fixtures. It is rare to find a company, like Uttermost, that specializes in creating all different types of home décor. Their wide selection of home décor items is just one of the characteristics that set Uttermost apart from the crowd.

  Uttermost is known for their unique use of color, form and shape in there lighting fixtures as well as their other home décor items. Uttermost creates home furnishings that have neutral, earthy tones and color schemes. These neutral colors make their home accessories very versatile because they will match well with any style room and any color scheme. The earthy tones also give their products natural warmth that will make any room or home seem more welcoming and inviting. Another aspect of Uttermost home  furnishings that makes them distinctive is their unique use of form and line. While the neutral tones used in Uttermost home goods help them to blend in with the décor of your home their geometric yet classic forms make them statement pieces. When decorating your home you want items that can easily be interwoven into the existing décor in a room and yet you also want the pieces in your home to stand out. Uttermost has created a line of home accessories th at make a style statement as well as tie the design scheme in your home together. 

We hope you enjoy browsing through our large selection of Uttermost products. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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